The four types of Rodent Found.

  • 1. Deer Mice
  • 2. House Mice
  • 3.Norway Rats
  • 4.Roof Rats

1. Deer Mice: The deer mouse rarely invades homes, and is found in rural areas.

2. House Mice: The house mouse is the most common rodent pest in most part of the world it can breed rapidly and adapt quickly to changing conditions.

3. Norway Rats: These rats have smaller eyes and ears and shorter tails.

4. Roof Rats: Roof rats get their name from their tendency to be found in the upper part of building ranging in size from 6 to 8 inch in length, not including their tails, they have very poor vision and are color blind. They do have extremely strong senses of hearing, smell, touch and taste. The can also carry deadly diseases.

To Control of the Rodents there are 3 methods:

  • 1. Non-Toxic
  • 2. Low Toxic
  • 3. Acute - Toxic

1.Non-Toxic: We use Rat Glue that are used as pest control measures in areas where rodenticides and rat bait station cannot be used, like homes, day cares, schools, restaurants, food units etc. These are harmful to children’s due to their non-poisonous and non-toxic composition, Sticky Traps, Mechanical Traps Runway Traps, and ECT. And can be placed in are known to come recurrently

2.Low Toxic:On consumption by A Rodent, It Physically, Disrupts its Water absorption mechanism. As a result the rodent becomes lethargic, fall into coma and then dies. Death normally occurs in 2-4 days after bait intake.

3.Acute Toxic: This is used against Norway Rats, control rats and Bandicoots in the open space outside the buildings. Which generally stay at Drains and Garbage Area, the rats die immediately in minutes.

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